Contained below is a partial list of previous clients and jobs completed over the years of our operation. While not every job has been listed here, the ones included represent the wide variety of work that we have skillfully completed for our clients.

Job Description Location
Single Family, Duplexes and Triplexes, 30 different locations Costa Mesa, CA and Long Beach, CA
52 Unit Condominium 201 Bayshore
Long Beach, CA
38 Unit Condominium Townhouses Prospect Avenue
Loma Linda, CA
39 Unit Condominium Townhouses Daisy Avenue
Loma Linda, CA
16 Unit Condominium Townhouses Cole Street
Loma Linda, CA
36 Unit Condominium Western Avenue
Buena Park, CA
12 Unit Condominium 1171 E. 216th Street
Lakewood, CA
32 Unit Condominium Petrol Street
Paramont, CA
69 Unit Condominium 4th and Alamitos Street
Long Beach, CA
75 Unit Condominium with Historical Renovation Broadway and Cherry Avenue
Long Beach, CA

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